Welcome to Allgoodmovies.com! I originally wrote most of the recommendations here for Mark Kleiman’s blog, The Reality-Based Community (now defunct); many were reprinted at Washington Monthly magazine’s website.  This new site was designed by LandO productions for my fellow film fans from those websites as well as friends and family who often ask me for movie recommendations.  I will continue to add to the recommendations and the blog now and then.

I am a long-time film buff but have no formal training in film theory. I therefore fundamentally write as a fan and not a scholar.  Also, I only write about films I like and would recommend to others rather than taking the time, as do professional film reviewers, to explain precisely why this or that bad film was indeed bad (I don’t find that very fun).

Allgoodmovies also includes some short reflections on film making, movie stars, and cinema history that I have scribbled over the years.¬† I hope these “blogs on film” enrich your appreciation of classic movies.

If you have suggestions for films I should recommend, or about how to improve this website, please email me at knh@stanford.edu.

Happy Viewing,

Keith Humphreys